MIRACLE-TUB is one of the first CANADIAN company manufacturing and distributing bathtub liners and tub surrounds.

MIRACLE-TUB has been installing bathtubs and tub surrounds since 1985, when the company was founded. We have installed thousands of bathtub liners and tub surrounds in private homes, hotels, motels, apartment buildings, hospitals, etc.

MIRACLE-TUB is also the manufacturer of bathtub liners and tub surrounds, shower bases and different accessories in a factory based in Canada.

MIRACLE-TUB molds are casted out of a bathtub identical to what you have in your home, apartment, hotel, motel, etc. creating a bathtub liner perfectly adjusted to your existing bathtub.

MIRACLE-TUB uses high quality acrylic for its products. The rich and lustrous nonporous acrylic does not chip, dent, stain, yellow or fade. It is easy to clean and maintain with any liquid soap.

MIRACLE-TUB can transform your old bathtub in a modern acrylic bathtub and wall system in less than a day, including new fixtures.

The Miracle!