Business opportunities

MIRACLE-TUB and its dealers have installed thousands of acrylic bathtub liners over old bathtub in private homes, hotels, motels and apartment buildings. Our representative are proud to be part of an innovative enterprise in constant evolution. We specialize in restoration of old bathtubs and tub surrounds using high quality acrylic and personalized customer service. When you decide to join MIRACLE-TUB as a dealer, you will be provided the following:

    • 100% exclusive territory
    • Promotional material assistance: logo, pamphlets, ads, yellow-page
    • A set of MIRACLE-TUB vehicle logos
    • Complete training for the installation of MIRACLE-TUB products
    • Support and knowledge sharing to start your new business
    • All necessary hardware needed for your first installation
    • Bathtub liner and a tub surround for a showcase
    • Continuous support by visit, phone, E-Mail, etc. to the dealers
    • Reasonable initial investment for dealership fees and startup cost.